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Attractions & Activities

Two person kayaks and snorkeling equipment are available for complimentary use to ensure that you easily relate to the local sea life.  Coral and reef formations are easily accessible from the beach.  We also have bicycles that you can use for exploring the local area.

Santo has many places of interest for visitors:
Limestone swimming holes (Blue Holes)
Towering mountains
Traditional villages
Caves and jungle
Golf course
World Renowned Dive Sites

Visits to other islands, local rivers and blue holes can be arranged.
A round of golf awaits you with all the facilities, including clubs, at your disposal.

Internet / email / mobile phones – available but not encouraged. We would prefer you to totally relax and enjoy your stay away from the stress of modern living.

Facilities to do as much or as little as you like:

  • Kayak up a hidden river or trek through a rain forest.  Take the Millennium Track adventure walk or just laze on the deck or sand outside your faré.
  • Dive on the President Coolidge – the largest accessible shipwreck in the world, or at Million Dollar Point where the US Military sank large numbers of military equipment.
  • Kayak to and swim in a blue lagoon, feed the fish or drift downstream in the calm currents.
  • Visit and swim at Champagne Beach.

Picnic on a deserted island or enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach.


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